• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)

    Harvesting Shalom: A Retreat about Wellness

    Sponsored by American Baptist Women's Ministries
    and American Baptist Women in Ministry (ABWIM)

    Harvesting Shalom: A Retreat about Wellness

    For "In him we live and move and have our being'; as even some of your own poets have said, "For we too are his offspring.' (Acts 17:28, NRSV)
    Friday, September 28 – Sunday, September 30, 2018
    (Begins after dinner Friday and ends before noon on Sunday)

    Canonicus Camp and Conference Center
    Exeter, Rhode Island

    Women are pulled in so many different directions, it’s hard to stay balanced. Harvesting Shalom gives you the opportunity to rest, regroup, and remember that you’re a daughter of God.
    Worship, Bible study, and conversation with Christian sisters will help you rebuild your critical support network.
    Wellness experiences will equip you with tools for regenerating your prayer life, attending to your physical health, and discerning God’s direction.
    The beautiful surroundings of New England in the fall will remind you of God’s love for you in creation!

    Guest Leaders
    Keynote speaker: Rev. Aracelis Vázquez Haye
    Rev. Aracelis Vásquez Haye is a native of New London, Connecticut. Her passion and commitment to children and youth advocacy, education, social justice, and worship embodies her holistic approach to ministry. She received her undergraduate degree from Eastern Connecticut State University and has earned graduate degrees from Loyola University of Chicago (M.Ed.), and Yale Divinity School (M.Div.). Pastor Aracelis was ordained at Church of the City, New London, in September 2014. Click here for full bio.

    Music leader: Linda Wiles
    Linda Wiles has been actively involved in church music her entire life. She began as a young chorister, and accompanist for Sunday schools and Bible schools in grade school, and is cusic Director/Organist at Greenville Baptist Church in Rhode Island. She has directed choirs, accompanied choirs, participated in and directed handbell choirs, and led in workshops as a Keyboard Music Specialist for the Arizona Baptists. Click here for full bio.

    Housing at
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    Featured Guests
    Harvesting Shalom highlights spiritual direction and life coaching as tools available to women to focus on their wellness. Two of our guests will help women become familiar with spiritual direction and life coaching and experience each of these excellent methods first-hand.

    Spiritual Director: Dr. Linda Bausserman
    Linda Bausserman, PhD, was a biomedical researcher at Brown University and the Miriam Hospital until she retired in 2004. Linda is a graduate of the two-year Shalom Program in Formative Spirituality and the two-year Spiritual Direction Certificate Program in the School of Spirituality at Mercy Center, Madison, CT. In addition to spiritual direction, she is experienced in leading prayer retreats and small groups on spiritual formation. She was locally ordained as associate pastor by the First Baptist Church in America, Providence, RI, in 2010 and served in that capacity for five years.

    Linda will be giving a presentation on spiritual presentation on Friday evening, and will be available for free appointments throughout the weekend so you can be introduced to what role spiritual direction may have in your spiritual wellness. Linda will provide resources for how to find a spiritual director near you.

    Life Coach: Elaine Cody of Clarity Coaching

    Elaine is a Life Coach trained by the Institute of Life Coach Training and certified spiritual gifts trainer. She is passionate about biblical literacy and facilitating the spiritual growth of Christian women.  She currently teaches Wednesday Night Bible Study at her home church, St. Paul Baptist Church of Montclair, New Jersey, and has taught weekly Bible study for over 20 years. Among the many workshops she has authored and presented are Understanding and Appreciating Spiritual Gifts, Contentment: Writing Your Life Mission Statement, Discernment, and Pastor: More than a Preacher. She has authored over 100 devotionals and contributed to Testify, An ABCNJ Devotional in 2015. Elaine completed a Certificate in Theology and Ministry from Princeton Theological Seminary in December 2016. She strives to positively impact both leader and congregant for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

    Elaine will be giving a presentation on life coaching on Friday evening and will be leading a workshop on Saturday morning. Please see workshop descriptions for more.

    Massage Therapist: Diana Salazar Mercer
    Diana will be participating in Harvesting Shalom as a bilingual workshop leader (Spanish), and will be available for massage therapy appointments during open times of the weekend. There may be a small fee for massage therapy appointments. Click here for Diana's biography and license information.

    Program Schedule

    Friday, September 28
    3:00 PM:  Registration
    6:00 PM:  Dinner
    7:00 PM:  Opening Worship
    8:30 PM:  Relaxing with Friends 

    Saturday, September 29
    8:00 AM:  Breakfast in your pajamas, with a pajama contest!
    8:30 AM:  Wellness: Morning Edition (Bible study and praise)
    9:30 AM:  Personal Retreat Time (and time for massage therapy or spiritual direction appointments)
    10:30 AM: Wellness Experiences Morning Session 
    12:00 PM: Lunch
    1:30 PM:  Wellness Experiences Afternoon Session
    3:00 PM:  Personal Retreat Time (and time for massage therapy or spiritual direction appointments)
    6:00 PM:  Dinner
    7:00 PM:  Wellness: Evening Edition (Bible study, praise, worship, and fun)
    8:30 PM:  Party and Campfire

    Sunday, September 30
    8:00 AM:  Breakfast
    9:00 AM:  Wellness: Sunday Edition
    10:00 AM:  Closing Worship

    Wellness Experiences
    Click here for biographies of workshop leaders. 

    Morning Session
    Meditation: Your Platform for Growth / Meditación: Tu plataforma para crecer
    Facilitated by / Facilitado por Deborah Malavé Diaz
    In English and Spanish. En inglés y español.

         Position yourself for growth. Learn and explore how meditation can be a transformational tool to harvest shalom in your life.
         Posiciónate para crecer. Aprende y explora como la meditación puede ser una herramienta de transformación para cosechar paz integral.
    Prayer Walk / Paseo de oración
    Facilitated by / Facilitado por Rev. Dr. Patricia Hernandez and/y  Diana Salazar
    In English and Spanish. En inglés y español.

         Experience the beauty of God’s creation while embarking on a prayer walk. You will alternate walking with gentle yoga and times of prayer throughout the walk. You will be walking on uneven surfaces through the woods so please wear appropriate footwear. The prayer walk will take place outdoors rain or shine, unless it’s a downpour. In that instance, you will be invited to participate in one of the other wellness experiences offered at the same time.
         Experimenta la belleza de la creación de Dios mientras te embarcas en una caminata de oración. Alternarás caminando con un yoga suave y momentos de oración a lo largo del camino. Caminarás por superficies irregulares a través del bosque, por lo que debes llevar calzado apropiado. La caminata de oración tendrá lugar al aire libre, bajo la lluvia o el sol, a menos que sea un aguacero. En ese caso, se te invitará a participar en una de las otras experiencias de bienestar que se ofrecerán al mismo tiempo.
    Prescription for Peace
    Facilitated by Rev. Nikita McAlister
         Have you had your wellness check yet? There is a prescription for peace and wholeness for each of us. This workshop will help you increase your spiritual awareness and wellness. Learn how to tap into the Divine presence in your life on a more consistent basis. 
    Secrets of Success: Get a Coach!!!
    Facilitated by Elaine Cody
          Do you have a nagging, unresolved issue in your life, business, or ministry? Come experience how coaching can bring clarity and expansion of thought through powerful questions. In addition, learn what makes coaching different from other sacred/interpersonal relationships like therapy, discipleship, and spiritual direction. You’ll come away more focused and clear about your next steps while having fun in the process.
    Take Charge of Your Financial Wellness / Toma control de tu bienestar financiero
    Facilitated by / Facilitado por Rev. Dr. Patricia Hunter and Rev. Miriam Chacôn-Peralta of Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board (MMBB)
    In English and Spanish. En inglés y español.

    This workshop is also offered in the afternoon session. Este taller también se ofrece en la sesión de la tarde.
         At MMBB we define Financial Wellness as a complex balance of the psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of money management that results in a financially healthy life. Financial wellness means one will have an honest understanding of their financial circumstances and can manage them so they can be prepared and adjust when unexpected situations arise. This workshop will address issues such as debt management, budgeting, savings and emergency funds, time value of money, investing and retirement planning. 
           En MMBB definimos el bienestar financiero como un equilibrio complejo de los aspectos psicológicos, espirituales y físicos del manejo del dinero que resulta en una vida financieramente saludable.
         El bienestar financiero significa que una tendrá una comprensión honesta de sus circunstancias financieras y pueda manejarla para estar preparada y ajustarse cuando surjan situaciones inesperadas. Este taller trabajará los temas del manejo de deudas, presupuestos, ahorros y fondos de emergencia, valoración temporal del dinero, inversiones y planificación del retiro.  

    Afternoon Session
    Spiritual Disciplines
    Facilitated by Rev. Dr. Patricia Murphy
          Are you a woman who wears many hats such as:  woman, pastor, mother, wife, sister, friend, director, professor, manager, minister, teacher….?  Well, spiritual disciplines are means by which individuals can very literally “practice” their faith while wearing many hats! Spiritual disciplines are tools by which Christians seek to know God, yield to the Holy Spirit’s sanctifying power, and surrender to the Divine Will in their lives. The disciplines can be instrumental tools as we seek to “tune” ourselves to God’s desires and see God’s kingdom as God sees it. If you wear many hats and want to learn how to wear them in a world that can distract you while changing your hat(s), I welcome you to come and wear the hat of spiritual disciplines: “one size fits all!"
    Walking the Labyrinth / Caminando por el laberinto
    Facilitated by / Facilitado por Rev. Dr. Patricia Hernandez
    In English and Spanish. En inglés y español.
           Walking the labyrinth is an ancient Christian tradition. It is a form of a prayer walk in which following the pattern releases one’s mind for meditation and reflection, helping the labyrinth walker connect more closely with God. Canonicus has a permanent, outdoor labyrinth next to the lake, in a beautiful setting. Patricia Hernandez will explain the labyrinth to you at the beginning of the wellness experience, and then will help walkers enter the labyrinth spaced apart for each walker to experience as few distractions as possible. No experience necessary!
             Caminar por el laberinto es una antigua tradición cristiana. Es una forma de una caminata de oración en la que seguir el patrón del laberinto se libera la mente para la meditación y la reflexión, ayudando al caminante del laberinto a conectarse más estrechamente con Dios. Canonicus tiene un laberinto permanente al aire libre al lado del lago, en un entorno precioso. Patricia Hernández le explicará el laberinto al comienzo de la experiencia de bienestar y luego ayudará a LAS caminantes a entrar en el laberinto separadas para que cada caminante experimente la menor cantidad de distracciones posible. ¡No se necesita experiencia previa!
    Take Charge of Your Financial Wellness / Toma control de tu bienestar financiero
    Facilitated by / Facilitado por Rev. Dr. Patricia Hunter and Rev. Miriam Chacôn-Peralta
    This workshop is also offered in the morning session; see description above. Este taller también se ofrece en la sesión de la mañana; ver descripción arriba.
    Doing It the Right Way! (Nutritional Wellness)
    Facilitated by Dr. Patricia Sebastian
         We have a unique opportunity to significantly contribute to our overall health and wellness!  When we select our food from the farm and then consume it at the table, we are actively choosing a healthier lifestyle. Eating in this manner helps us to fortify and strengthen our physical body which gives us the flexibility  to nurture our spirit and balance our emotions. Come and enjoy this dynamic worship on food, farming, and healthy futures!
    The Importance of Sabbath
    Facilitated by Rev. Gina Jacobs-Strain
         Are you in the habit of returning a gift that was made just for you, unique in all the ways that you are and essential to your wholeness? Let us think about Sabbath as a gift that each of us has returned more often than we have accepted. Together we will discover the ways that Sabbath blesses and impacts our health, relationships, family, work, spiritual growth and wellness.

    Program/Housing Fees
    Full Time – $270 if postmarked before August 17; $295 after August 18
    program fee
    2-night stay at Camp Canonicus (arriving on Friday and departing on Sunday). Bedrooms have 3 to 4 beds to a room. 
    breakfast/lunch/dinner meal plan (starting with Friday dinner and ending with Sunday breakfast).

    Commuter* – $155 if postmarked before August 17; $180 after August 18
    program fee for all three days
    lunch/dinner meal plan (starting with Friday dinner and ending with Saturday dinner—Breakfast is on your own).
    *lodging is on your own

    Saturday only* – $85 if postmarked before August 17; $105 after
    August 18
    program fee for Saturday only
    • lunch and dinner on Saturday only
    *lodging is on your own

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