• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)

    AB GIRLS Hangout

    For elementary through high school girls

    A FREE virtual event where girls will enjoy activities, such as baking, designing bookmarks for a service project, Bible study, and joining in prayer for all girls around the world.

    This is a free event to attend, but donations are welcome. Your donation will allow American Baptist Women's Ministries to continue providing programs, resources, and leader training for ministries with women and girls. Click here to make a donation.

    Bible Study Leader: Shileah Huggins
    Shileah Huggins is active at her church doing projects, being an usher, and helping out with the Baptist Cafe, which provides meals for those in need. Shileah is currently a senior in high school and plans to go to a four-year university, majoring in different paths such as psychology, marketing, and fashion. In school, she is in several clubs such as Social Justice which she advocates for, Academic League, College Bound, and many others. She is also proudly in the National Honor Society for almost two years. Shileah served as the 2021-2022 Convenor of the National Leadership Team of AB GIRLS (NLT). 

    Baking Activity: Oreo Truffle Balls
    Girls will be instructed on how to make Oreo Truffle Balls. Please gather all ingredients and baking tools prior to the gathering. 

    • Whole family-size package Mint Oreo or regular oreo cookies
    • Block of Cream Cheese (8 oz, softened) 
    • Almond Bark, candy melts, chocolate chips or other chocolate for melting
    • Sprinkles
    • Colored Candy Melts (optional, but fun to decorate the balls with)
    • Large Bowl
    • Rubber Spatula
    • Food Processor or gallon-size Ziploc bags to crush cookies in
    • Cookie Dough Scoop (optional, but makes forming the Oreo balls much easier)
    • Microwave Safe Bowl
    • Forks and spoons
    • Parchment Paper
    • cookie sheets
    • Freezer
    • Microwave 
    • Squeeze Bottles (optional if you are adding colored stripes)
    • Cake pop or lollipop Sticks (optional)

    Community Service: Bookmarks
    Girls will be instructed on making a bookmark to give to others to brighten their day! Supplies needed for the community service project: 
    • Construction paper
    • writing utensils: markers, crayons,
    • scissors
    • string or ribbon
    • glue sticks
    • optional supplies: old christmas cards, wrapping paper: stickers or embellishments 

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