• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)
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    New Digs

    The ABC Mission Center in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, has been the proud home of American Baptist Women's Ministries and American Baptist organizations for over 50 years. Due the building’s aging infrastructure and the reduction of onsite staff, denominational partners determined that it would be the best stewardship of God’s resources to find new office space that better suits the denomination’s needs.

    AB Women’s Ministries offices will be moving with American Baptist Extension Corporation (ABEC) and American Baptist Home Mission Societies (ABHMS) into a new building in the fall of 2018.

    A $40,000 Funding Campaign for American Baptist Women's Ministries

    The national  board of AB Women’s Ministries is launching a 60-day campaign to raise the money needed to outfit our new national office space, which are our new “Digs.” 

    Our new “digs” will have fully functional offices for our staff.  They will also have conference rooms for meetings, a learning and research center, and accessible storage. Staff will be able to interact easily with people on-site and off-site to further the goals of AB Women’s Ministries more creatively and collaboratively. With this move comes the challenge of new expenses.

    We, the women of AB Women’s Ministries, are responsible for making sure our national offices are as effective as possible for today’s ministry. Together we can make that happen!

    We, the national board, invite all American Baptist women in every state and every region in the U.S. and Puerto Rico to work together to raise $40,000!

    Give Now!
    You can help the office of American Baptist Women's Ministries futher the the goals of American Baptist Women's Ministries more creatively and collaboratively. Your contribution will purchase new computers, a new phone system, chairs, tables, and audio-visual equipment.

    Send your contribution to American Baptist Women's Ministries, PO Box 851, Valley Forge, PA 19482. Checks should be payable to "American Baptist Women's Ministries" with "Dig In for New Digs" in the memo line.

    Give Now!
    Help the national board of American Baptist Women's Ministries promote this 60-day caimpaign. Download the flyer and brochure to share with your women's groups.
    Click here to donwload the flyer

    Po Box 851 · Valley Forge, PA · 19482-0851
    (610) 768-2288 · info@abwministries.org