• "...to bring good news to the poor... proclaim release to the captives... let the oppressed go free..."
  • (Luke 4:18-19)

    2019 Biennial Mission Summit

    Biennial Mission Summit
    June 21-23, 2019
    Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Come for Women's Day,
    stay for the Biennial Mission Summit!

    American Baptist Women's Ministries will kick-off the Biennial Mission Summit with Women's Day on Friday, June 21, 2019. American Baptist Women's Ministries is hosting four ministry tracks and "Word and Worship" at the Biennial Mission Summit.

    Ministry Tracks
    American Baptist Women's Ministries is hosting four 90-minute ministry tracks on Saturday:

    Help, We Need a Pastor?
    facilitated by Rev. Miriam Méndez
    9:00 AM-10:15 AM

    The pastoral search process is a crucial and formative stage in the journey of the church. Yet it can also be a daunting task. The search process can either produce positive and/or negative energy. The pastoral call process has profound and long-lasting implications in the life of the church. Therefore, laying a good foundation and employing best practices can provide a healthy pastor-congregation relationship. It is important to remember that the church’s preparation for the search, their openness to the leading of God’s Spirit in the process, their clear understanding of the type of person the church is seeking, the church’s honest representation of themselves to the candidate and patience and prayer are all important pieces of a good search process. In this workshop participants will learn about: key steps in selecting a search committee, the function of the search committee, working with your regional/denominational leaders, interim/transitional period, and steps in the search process.

    Cause and Issues-Based Fundraising
    facilitated by Denise Gray-Felder
    10:30 AM-11:45 AM

    Fundraising is more than asking for money.  During this session, participants will discuss ways to communicate with existing donors and to persuade new donors to support critical issues facing the Church, our country and the world.  Most people support causes that affect their hearts first, and then their heads. In this workshop, Cause and Issues-Based Fundraising participants will: Together we will examine ways that effective fundraising organizations use stories of change, and leverage volunteer support to increase donations.This is a dialogue-based session so come prepared to share, debate and question.

    Leading and Succeeding for the Future
    facilitated by Rev. Dr. Debora Jackson
    2:15 PM-3:30 PM

    God is preparing to do a new thing in our midst. Do you perceive it? Are you prepared for that new thing? Are you preparing those following you? These are questions of succession planning: that critical ability to identify and develop leaders for the future. Succession planning is an important leadership skill because it provides us with the reflective space to discern God’s leading and recognize those whose gifts and abilities are best suited for the future, while also considering how God is moving in our lives and ministries. Thus, the workshop Leading and Succeeding for the Future provides leaders with strategic and tactical tools for succession planning in organizations, ministries, and churches. In this workshop, we will learn how to: Discern God’s leading in our lives and churches, freeing us to make room for others; Recognize and celebrate the gifts and abilities of others; Create critical development experiences to broaden skills; Foster a culture that is permissive and welcomes new leadership.

    Embracing a Noisier Table
    facilitated by Rev. Dr. Sandra Hasenauer
    3:45 PM-5:00 PM

    Can you remember the specifics about when a motion needs a second and when it doesn’t? Can you quickly bring to mind in the middle of a discussion how to properly amend a motion? And how often do these concerns for order actually get in the way of honest discussion that brings wide perspectives to the table? With apologies to the parliamentarians in our midst, there are more appropriate ways for ministry organizations to discern God’s vision for our work together, and better ways to make sure all voices are included in the process, than those to which most of us are accustomed. Additionally, there are many methods for gathering input that give attention to different personality types and cultural backgrounds, and there are elements of creating space for dialogue that are often missed. In Embracing a Noisier Table, participants will: Learn ways to gather input as effectively as possible, Explore the possibilities of the consensus model (with a note that what many of us take as “consensus” is not), Learn how to create a holding space for authentic conversation.

    Word and Worship
    American Baptist Women's Ministries is hosting Word and Worship on Sunday morning. Our guest speaker is Dr. Jolene Erlacher.

    Dr. Jolene Erlacher founded Leading Tomorrow in 2013 with the aim of equipping churches, businesses, schools, missions agencies and other organizations for effective inter-generational leadership in an evolving culture. Her passion for equipping a new generation of leaders emerged from various leadership experiences in education and ministry.
         Erlacher worked for eight years at North Central University, specializing in leadership training, student development and personnel management. During that time, she identified the need for building awareness of generational differences as young leaders entered the workplace, especially in ministry contexts. Click here to read full bio.

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